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What Rule 40 Means for Athlete Sponsors

Non-sponsors will be competing for gold at this year’s Games thanks to relaxed advertising rules. Rule 40 was first established to “to preserve the unique nature of the Games by preventing over-commercialisation” and protect official sponsors.

CEO Series: Andre Eikmeier Co-Founder of VinoMofo (Part 2)

Welcome back to the CEO Series! If you missed it we posted Part 1 of the interview with Andre Eikmeier last week, you can read it here. Re-introducing Andre Eikmeier, co-founder of the Aussie

CEO Series: Andre Eikmeier Co-founder of VinoMofo (Part 1)

Welcome to the CEO Series! In weeks to come we’ll  be interviewing professional CEO’s to learn the ins and outs of building a successful brand and business. Here at Milk It we believe in learning from experience

Pokemon Go, More Harm Than Good?

You are either part of the Pokemon Go craze or you’re hearing about it every waking hour of your day. Once a childhood favourite, the Japanese franchise game Pokemon has been given an augmented

A Platform For Start-up Retailers – Sydney Online Retailer Expo Kick-Start Workshop

  Come meet us at the place where Future Meets Retail to learn more about the way start-up retailers and eCommerce FinTech are shaping the way we will shop in the future. This week the

Melbourne’s First Tech Expo

A raging success! Did you get a chance to check out Melbourne’s first Tech and Gadget expo last weekend? No? Well I hate to say it but you missed out big time! Thousands came

Have we forgotten how to be human? 5 disappointing things the digital age has changed that we need to fix!

Well this is embarrassing… You now have an attention span shorter than a Goldfish. Yes you, you’re not alone though, it’s happening to all of us and it’s causing all sorts of problems with

5-Minutes with John Lawson, Author & CEO of ColderICE Media

John wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but this did not stop him from being successful. Today, let me share with you this interview that I did with him a few

5-Minutes with Simon O’Day, VP of Global at

What is the process to selecting the right Email Marketing software? From Co-Founding Australia’s largest most successful email marketing firm (eServices) to the Global VP of There aren’t many people in Australia who