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Complete Guide To Setting Your Unique Service Proposition (USP)

In a world where it’s faster to get competition for your business than to gain customers, how can you stand out? Answer: Have a Unique Selling Proposition ( USP ). The foundation for your

Have you been in Analysis Paralysis? 8 Sure Fire Ways to Overcome it

Have you been thinking about making a move on something, either to grow or even start a business? Maybe it’s something person you’ve been thinking about changing? A relationship, job, taking up a new

The Real Problem about Facebook Messenger & Its Interesting Terms

Let’s paint a scenario. A stranger comes to you and says, “I need your full name, date of birth, phone number, your family’s contact information, among others”, how would you react? We’d all probably

Crazy Egg – Best Heat Map Technology For Your Business

Why isn’t my website converting? If there’s one question about websites that get asked over and over, it would be this. You put a lot of effort into your site – you hire the

The 4 Changes To Facebooks Platform Policy & How This Affects Your Business

Does “Like us to win [insert awesome prize here]” sound familiar to you? I’m sure you’ve seen this phrase a hundred times in various giveaways ran by big and small businesses alike to gain

5 Easy Steps To Increase Facebook Campaign Conversion

One thing I like about doing campaigns with Facebook is that I can quickly create and filter my audience so all my campaigns are worth the buck. But I know a good audience isn’t

The Dark Side Of Big Data

The Internet has been liberating for mankind. We connect with our loved ones across the globe in a flash. We can shop from the comfort of our couch in the middle of the night,

Top 6 FREE Utilities to Improve Your Email Marketing

I can’t stress enough how important it is for every business to have an email program. To share a personal experience… one of my clients felt that their business had no chance of recovering,

6 Secrets To Improve Blog Readership

Search Engine Optimisation is always evolving. After Google updated algorithms Panda and Hummingbird, it has become even harder to get organic visits to a website. This is why blog readership has become a major