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3 Fail-Proof Tips for Executing a Victorious VoC Program: Part 1

A VoC program is what separates a company operating BAU and a progressing one. So here are 3 fail-proof tips to help you execute a successful Program.

Have You Tried These 6 Genuinely Genius Customer Retention Strategies?

This blog will give you 6 genuinely genius retention strategies to skyrocket customer loyalty and keep those sales rolling in!

Retail Reboot: Omneo

Are you a retailer cautious about a new tech investment? Enter: Retail Reboot! We chatted to Omneo, who provide a full customer experience toolkit for brands to deliver exceptional multichannel customer experiences.

Retail Reboot: Brauz

Many retailers are cautious about adopting a new tech solution. Enter: Retail Reboot! Our first tech provider is Brauz. They offer seamless omnichannel retail experiences to help in-store retail grow and prosper.

How to Respond to Positive and Negative Reviews

Responding to customer reviews is a critical piece in your marketing and CX strategy. Here's how to respond to the good, bad, and ugly!

Adobe Customer Experience Symposium | Key Takeaways

It is the fundamental truth is the people buy experience, not products so it's important to create a common language internally about customer experience.

3 Crucial Customer Loyalty Metrics

We all love a good acronym in the business world, actually scrap that….we love a good acronym in the world… OMG, lol, NQR, brb… and well, the CX world is no different. When kicking

4 Key Focus Areas for Mastering CX in 2021

If you are embarking on a CX program, regardless of what industry, here are the key points you need to consider, strategise and get the ball rolling on ASAP.

Mapping Your Customer Journey – Capturing the Complete Customer Experience

If you’re looking to improve your marketing but don’t know where to start then this is the blog for you! When you map your customer journey you’re able to step back from the problem and like