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How to Respond to Positive and Negative Reviews

Product reviews online, whether you love them or hate them, are the future ‘word of mouth’ marketing. 75% of Organisations Surveyed Increased Customer Experience Technology Investments in 2018. Gartner, Newsroom We’ve all turned to

Adobe Customer Experience Symposium | Key Takeaways

It is the fundamental truth is the people buy experience, not products so it's important to create a common language internally about customer experience.

3 Crucial Customer Loyalty Metrics

We all love a good acronym in the business world, actually scrap that….we love a good acronym in the world… OMG, lol, NQR, brb… and well, the CX world is no different. When kicking

4 Key Focus Areas for Mastering CX in 2019

It’s the age of CX. Trust me! In fact, a report by Walker notes that customer experience will overtake price as the main product differentiator by 2020. If that doesn’t make you want to

Mapping Your Customer Journey – Capturing the Complete Customer Experience

If you’re looking to improve your marketing but don’t know where to start then this is the blog for you! When you map your customer journey you’re able to step back from the problem and like

Marketing to a Millennial Mindset

There has been a lot of talk about us amongst the people suggesting Millennials are ungrateful. Others say they are lazy, easily distracted. I’ve even heard selfish and entitled thrown amongst descriptions of my

Thinking Like A Millennial

We Millennials aren’t the lazy, narcissistic or the entitled fools the world seems to think we are. We are active and progressive thinkers, looking to make a real difference in the world. In 2017

The Affects of Storytelling on Millennials

Millennials won’t be swayed by traditional advertising methods. It’s been said Millennials aren’t loyalist, but if there is anything we’ve learnt about the $1 Billion Dollar Shaver Club acquisition this month we know a

Why Is Storytelling Important In Marketing? The Emotion Economy

I’ll bet the best lessons you’ve learnt in life have probably come from a great story? This ancient art dating all the way back to the caveman era has been impacting and influencing human