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7 Smart Retailer Investments to Make In 2019

Every retailer’s worst nightmare….insolvency! We’re only three months in and 2019 has already been quite the year in the headlines. Australia is on the brink of a recession, big bank drama is playing out

16 Predictions for Retail Trailblazers in 2019

It’s that time of year again where we whip out the magic 8-ball, summon the spirits and lay down some exciting predictions for the year ahead. Ok, I must admit. I haven’t pulled my

Design Thinking: MI Academy’s Playbook for Marketing Innovation

Design thinking is a simple methodology to help drive innovation in your business and force (in a nice way) your team think more creatively and remain solution-focused, not reactive.

3 Retail Innovation Myths and How to Overcome Them

We¬†presented a session at Retail Global titled ‘Retail has an Innovation Problem’ and it has really got me thinking. Why in an era rich with resources to help you innovate and grow your retail

CASE STUDY: Six Figure Sales Growth 9 Weeks Post-Launch

The times are changing and people (especially millennials) are no longer solely focussed on price. In fact, research shows that CX (customer experience) will outweigh price as they product differentiator by 2020. This case

4 Growth Marketing Hacks to Scale Your Retail Business

You may have heard the buzz word ‘Growth Marketing’ thrown around a bit lately. But what does it mean? When you strip traditional marketing of all its bells and whistles it has one purpose,

Retail Global: The Science of Innovation

As the dust settles after the annual Retail Global conference we have come back to the office inspired with a renewed vision of what Australian retailers want from MI Academy. For those who were

Adidas Says Goodbye to Beckham, Hello Kardashian!

Adidas has come out of a sales-strong 2016 ready and rearing to take a real stab at competitor Nike. CEO Kasper Rorsted has announced the companies intent to quadruple online sales by 2020. In

6 Mega Trends Impacting Retail Services

Retail is changing rapidly thanks to emerging technology and increasingly pressing customer expectations. Feel like you’re falling behind? Read on to catch up with all the latest trends! Today you will learn: How personalisation