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4 Genius Ways to Grow Your Instagram Following

Performing in front of a small, or non-existent crowd, the norm in 2020…but it shouldn’t be on Instagram. It doesn’t matter if you’re the Picasso of posting, or the Charles Dickens of captions if

4 Last Minute Christmas Promotion Ideas

Christmas is almost here. In fact, it’s so close I can almost taste Nan’s brandy-soaked pudding. Mmmmm Christmas pudding…whoops, where was I?  Oh yes Christmas holidays! The time of year when everyone kicks stress

5 Ways to Recapture Lost Leads and Convert

Do you ever lay awake at night thinking about all of the leads you’ve lost? All of the people of that were on your site but didn’t convert? The people who unexpectantly closed their

How to Run a Facebook Competition (Legally)

Have you ever had the great idea to run a Facebook competition, asked good ol’ Google how you should get started and found a page long list of rules and regulations? Well…you can finally

How to Boost Facebook Ad Traction Using Interest Targeting

Surely I’m not the only person who has been overwhelmed by choice when it comes to narrowing my Facebook Ads audience?! I mean come on! Facebook gives us so many great tools for research

The Facebook Sh*tstorm Explained

Last week Mark Zuckerberg walked into a UK court dressed in his usual zip-down hoodie and grey shirt. He was facing accusations that Facebook was aware of the illegal mining of over 50 million Facebook

How to Cover Your Brands Arse if Everyone Starts Deleting Facebook

Strap yourself in, I’m going to give you the tips needed to get your business through this sh*tstorm intact. What sh*tstorm you ask? Hold your horses! If you haven’t yet read my blog The Facebook

3 Ways to Create Facebook Valentines Ads Your Audience will Adore

  Love is in the air in the lead up to Valentine’s Day and so is an unmoving aura of panic from retailers trying to quickly reinvent their Facebook marketing strategy to regain exposure.

EXCLUSIVE: Facebook’s Moderating Guidelines Leaked

Have you ever scrolled past something on Facebook so disgusting and appalling you wondered how on earth it hasn’t been deleted? And no I’m not talking about your Uncle’s feeble attempt at a selfie,