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4 Genius Ways to Grow Your Instagram Following

Performing in front of a small, or non-existent crowd, the norm in 2020…but it shouldn’t be on Instagram. It doesn’t matter if you’re the Picasso of posting, or the Charles Dickens of captions if

Instagram Launches Slideshows: 3 Tips For Brands

Have you ever got stuck choosing which photo to upload to Insta? Well, you can stop stressing! Instagram have launched a new feature that will allow you to upload up to 10 photos in

Instagram Stories: Copycat or Genius

Earlier this month Instagram released the new Stories feature that had everyone seeing double. Why? Because it was eerily similar to rival app Snapchat. There’s no doubt that Insta is cutting Snapchat’s lunch but

How To Run a Kick-Ass Instagram Promotion

A little advice on how to get your Instagram promotion up and running. Wanting to dip your toes into the world of Instagram promotions? Well, you’d be silly not to – As of January

Seven Best Tips for Instagram Marketing

I love Instagram, but what I don’t love is bad Instagram Marketing! Instagram is one of the best ways to find new customers and to appreciate the business with the ones you already have.

Five Easy Ways to Succeed in Instagram Marketing

Whether for personal reasons, a business, or a promotional ad; knowing how to succeed in Instagram Marketing is vital. With currently more than 130 million users, Instagram can easily bring you more leads, higher