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5 Location Based Tech Hacks For Retailers You Can Do Right Now!

Here’s a tip if you want to succeed in retail: no customers are the same. You may have a general target audience, but you can’t expect all of them to have the same likes and

Crazy Egg – Best Heat Map Technology For Your Business

Why isn’t my website converting? If there’s one question about websites that get asked over and over, it would be this. You put a lot of effort into your site – you hire the

5 Reasons Why Live Chats Increase Conversion

Why is live chat important for a business, any business, not just retail? Live chat is one sales driver that business owners often forget to have on their site. Especially for retail or e-commerce

5 Steps to the Perfect SEO-Friendly Blog Post Titles

You’ve probably seen them – blog posts that are so obviously written to be SEO-friendly that they are practically unreadable. Keywords pop up in the most awkward places, that the posts lose their authenticity

SEO – Top 7 Tips to Boost Your Local Rankings

How do I get more local leads through SEO? As internet marketing is increasingly proving to be essential for effectively advertising businesses to potential clients, obtaining high SEO local rankings is becoming a great