4 Last Minute Christmas Promotion Ideas

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Christmas is almost here.

In fact, it’s so close I can almost taste Nan’s brandy-soaked pudding. Mmmmm Christmas pudding…whoops, where was I? 

Oh yes Christmas holidays! The time of year when everyone kicks stress to the curb and heads to the beach. Well…everyone except retailers, service providers and business owners.

There’s an enormous pressure on businesses to turn a huge profit at this time of year. So much so that businesses often find themselves in complete campaign overdrive, scrambling to put out campaign after campaign to keep up with the [David] Joneses.
Let’s get real. Rushed campaigns feel half-hearted. Sorta like the gift card you receive from your uncle each year, or the obviously regifted scented soap pack. At the end of the day, if you’ve left it to the last minute our advice is, ‘Don’t overload your plate…save that for Xmas day 😉’.
Let’s keep things simple – Here are four easy to implement campaign ideas that you can execute with minimal time.

4 Last Minute Christmas Campaign Ideas

Key Learnings: 
  • How to run a Christmas competition or brand collaboration
  • Setting deadlines for shipping and converting shoppers in the final week
  • How to reward your loyal customers
  • Curating a product gift guide

I want to grow my following!

Host a Christmas competition to grow your list.

Put together a bundle of products, or ask another brand to collaborate, and get to work promoting your giveaway through social media and email. 

Below is a great example of how you could pull together a bundle of products from other local brands to reach new audiences and earn yourself new followers.

Collaborate with other local brands to do a huge Christmas giveaway

Make sure you set some rules. For example, here are the rules that accompany this post from Emeldo Design.

All you have to do is 👇
1. Like this photo
2. Follow all 5 accounts @ghettothelabel@emeldo@thecommonfolkcollective@babeaustraliaofficial@evabloom_thelabel (genuine accounts only)
3. Tag friends in the comments below that you think would like to win this loot also.
Each tag is a separate entry ( the more friends you tag the more chance you have to win) Please keep one tag per comment.
4. That’s it! Good Luck XO
Competition closes at 8 pm AEST 11th Nov, the winner will be announced the following evening.

And of course, on top of setting your own rules, make sure you are following the promotional guidelines of the platform you are posting to.

Here are a few more blogs to help you out: 

I want to capture the last minute rush! 

Many shoppers will leave their gift buying to the last minute. Take me, I haven’t bought a single present and it’s less than a fortnight away. 

Make your cut-off day for orders to be shipped to each state clearly visible and develop location-based campaigns to trigger during the final week.

Australia Post has written a great blog on this topic, read it here! 

Time is almost up, time to convert the last minute shoppers

I want to do something special for my loyal customers! 

Thank your loyal customers for their support by sending them a kind message with an offer via email or post. Start by pulling the email addresses of your top 10, 20 or 100 customers based on yearly spend. 

You don’t need to send yourself broke offering up a massive discount or something of huge monetary value, think personal. A handwritten note to each of your top 20 customers, perhaps with a small reward, is a beautiful gesture and you’re bound to put a smile on their dial.

Here’s a blog from Help Scout to help you write a killer customer thank-you note.

I want to make gift giving 100% easier for my customers!

Make gift giving 100 times easier for your customers by curating a personalised gift guide.

You could curate a gift guide based on: 

  • Price range – ‘Gifts under $30’
  • Age Group/Gender – ‘Gifts for newborns’ or ‘Gifts for Her’
  • Bundles of products – ‘Gifts for a Jet-Setter’, ‘Gifts for a Bride to be’, ‘Gifts for new parents’

Make gift giving easier this Christmas

Hopefully, I have inspired you to create a highly-converting (but simple) holiday campaign!

Just remember, you don’t need to bust your balls to put out daily campaigns this silly season. Focus on the campaigns you know will convert and deliver real value to your customers.


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