Finding Your Brand Personality

For over 40 years, Marketers have been using sophisticated techniques to segment their customers into smart demographic & psychographic sets. This is so they could establish the best way to to attract their ideal

Why Giving Up is a Good Thing

This will probably go against everything you’ve learnt, since we where kid’s we’ve been taught “never give up!” BUT the verdict is in… 85% of getting what you want is knowing what to give up to

11 Best Logo Fails of all time

In the business world, logos are very important. It defines your establishment and reflects the kind of service or product you offer to your customers. Besides loyalty, it is one thing that makes your

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There’s something about Ellen DeGeneres that makes her so likable – is it her humor, her hair, or her good heart? I am thinking it’s all of the above! When you see and listen

Seven Best Tips for Instagram Marketing

I love Instagram, but what I don’t love is bad Instagram Marketing! Instagram is one of the best ways to find new customers and to appreciate the business with the ones you already have.

How to attract new clients in 30 seconds!

Knowing how to attract new clients have always been a mind-boggling problem for businesses, especially those new and small ones. How many times have you been to a networking event and you hear the

14 Habits Happy People Always Practice

Happiness can be elusive. We’re always wishing each other “Happy something” – New Year, birthday, day at work, etc. We think about happiness as happening “when” we achieve/get/become something. However, we do not always

Your Business is like a muscle – Why a Business Coach makes it grow

You probably have put in place all the essential strategies and plans to ensure the success and growth of your business right? But there is one crucial ingredient for business success which many companies